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It's showtime!


We are located in sunny Arizona.  For us, winter and spring are prime time for all the big car shows and events!  We just had Barrett-Jackson, Russo-Steele etc. in town for another record breaking year of sales.  We have the Good Guys show out here in March.  Smaller local shows are a weekly happening somewhere here in the Valley.  And of course there is the weekly show at the Pavilions.  All of these offer dozens and dozens of cars that can go toe to toe with the best cars in the country.  I guess we get spoiled a little seeing so many nice cars on a regular basis!

We would love to hear about the bigger shows in your area.  Send us an email(happydaysinteriors@gmail.com) or message us on Facebook and we'll try to help spread the word for you!

What if you want a factory looking interior with a twist? Call us!

We get this question a lot: "I have a '57 sedan but I like the hardtop interior better.  Can you make my sedan look like a hardtop inside?"  The answer is yes!  What if you like the cloth insert from a 1962 Impala better than the 1964 Impala?  No problem, we can substitute the two. [...]

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Hardtop versus Sedan - There IS a difference.

For many, if a car has a roof that is solid, they consider it a hardtop.  Seems logical, right?  Wrong!  Both sedans and hardtops have a "hard top" but you must know the difference when ordering parts.  To eliminate some of the confusion, often times a sedan is called a "post car" as it has [...]

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Its that special time of year! Would Santa prefer a 1957 Bel Air or a 1964 Impala SS as his sleigh?

It's an age-old argument....What Would Santa Drive?  Would he like the 50's curves and classic styling of the one and only '57 Chevy or the chiseled, clean lines of the iconic '64 Impala?  Both cars make a statement and are instantly recognizable as the industry standard of their years.  The Bel Air has a strong [...]

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